Social Sentiment Analysis: Flipkens v Bartoli and Radwanska v Lisicki

There were contrasting responses on Twitter to today’s two semi-finals, with amazement for Radwanska and Lisicki against bemusement for Flipkens and Bartoli.

Just after the first set of her match against Belgium’s Kirsten Flipkens, Marion Bartoli was the subject of an average of 150 tweets per minute, with the discussion split between her impressive performance and her eccentric post-point antics. “Bartoli is stomping on Flipkens. Not really a big Bartoli fan, but Flipkens is way outmatched there” tweeted @Chelio127. “Wish that Bartoli would stop that stupid fist clenching after every point she wins” posted @MikeRoberts5139. @2Phresh4 had an alternate view. “Bartoli too cool for school. How can you not love someone who does a motivational imaginary rally each match? She’s also unreal at tennis.”

As the match reached the final stages, Bartoli was hitting an average of 250 tweets a minute at peak, and the crowd seemed to have warmed to her. “Bartoli is absolutely killing this! Incredible shots! Gonna be a tough one to beat in the final!” tweeted @jamesparkerh90. “Bartoli serving for the Wimbledon final! Get it, you freaky, genius, awesome girl!” posted @dresserlook. A social sentiment score of 80% to Flipkens’s 88% – down from 91% at the start of the match – proved that not everyone agreed, but Bartoli certainly has won some fans. As @nickpaste put it “My new favourite athlete is the eccentric genius (175 IQ!) French woman tennis player Marion Bartoli. She’s nuts, warms up BETWEEN points.”

If the first semi-final inspired interest and amusement, then the second had Twitter gripped. Radwanska began the match with a social sentiment score of 94%, with Lisicki close at 95%. Over 2500 tweets flooded in with Lisicki as the subject during the ten minutes at the start of the second set, with fans showering praise on both players.

“Mesmerised by Radwanska’s style of play” tweeted @EilidhElkin as the World No.4 claimed the second set. “She may not have the power, but she more than compensates with ample precision and accuracy!” Halfway through the third set, with approximately 300 tweets flooding in a minute for Lisicki, Radwanska’s social sentiment score actually rose to 95%.

During the last half hour of the match Twitter maintained an average rate of just under 300 tweets per minute, with praise shared between both semi-finalists. “Both Lisicki and Radwanska showing huge determination and mental strength in the sunshine” posted @MrMatt_Carter, “Neither looks like giving in.”

Once the match ended, whether they supported Lisicki or Radwanska, many agreed on one thing. “Lisicki and Radwanska should have been a final. Well done Lisicki” tweeted @remygardhawi. @DomingoOfficial agreed. “That second woman’s semi should have been the final. Incredible match. Hope Lisicki wins the tournament now.”

Stuart Andrews