Social Sentiment Analysis: Sabine Lisicki v Marion Bartoli

With a two straight sets victory over Germany’s Sabine Lisicki, Marion Bartoli cemented her place in Wimbledon history and grabbed her first Grand Slam win. Not everyone on twitter was delighted at the result, but most sensible tweeters were keen to congratulate the new Ladies’ Singles Champion.

“Bartoli! Great to see a winning athlete who is intelligent and not afraid to be different from everyone else” tweeted @IAWphoto. “@bartoli_Marion Congratulations on winning #wimbledon. You played superb. Beautiful to watch” posted @thegraematter. @LilyMcInerney agreed. “A new Queen of Wimbledon is crowned! Sorry for Lisicki but Bartoli was sensational. Stunning speed and skill. Well deserved. Vive la France!”

Lisicki began and ended the match as the Twittersphere favourite, with IBM’s social sentiment analytics tracking a positive sentiment score of 93% to Bartoli’s 83%. Even by the end of the match she was 10% clear of her opponent, at 90% to 90%. It wasn’t long into the first set, however, that tennis fans began to show concern. “This is very nervy from Lisicki – a little less so from Bartoli, who has settled better.” As the set continued, it was clear Bartoli had the upper hand. “Full of surprises, that Bartoli… what trick will she pull next?” asked @sailasays. “Great hitting Bartoli. Sabine needs to shake off nerves and stiffness real quick” suggested @hiza7.

By the start of the second set, Lisicki seemed to have fallen apart. Nearly 7000 tweets mentioning Lisicki flooded in during a ten minute period, with a further 6000 for Bartoli. “Occasion is completely swallowing Lisicki here…” tweeted @ShanksGrandson. “Lisicki needs to settle down. She’s so much better than this” posted @BexKSmith. Meanwhile, other fans were keen to give praise where praise was due. “Thrilled for Bartoli – an endearing bundle of ticks and idiosyncrasies. Never gets enough credit” argued @ConorNagle. “This crowd does not appreciate what an incredible player Marion Bartoli is” agreed @NeilHarmanTimes, “Stunning backhand winner.”

As Bartoli hit her first match point, the activity on Twitter increased, with nearly 12,000 tweets for Lisicki and 7,000 for Bartoli in ten minutes. And then Lisicki started fighting back. “It’s not Bartoli’s turn to feel some pressure. Lisicki is playing with less pressure and hitting winners. Nothing to lose anymore” tweeted @Kenneth-Yu. “Grace under pressure. Lisicki is fighting back marvellously. Thought Bartoli has been brilliant from the start. Seems to be forgotten” posted @PrincessofVP. @ChairmanPotts spoke for many fans of the World No.23. “If Lisicki wins this set I will cartwheel through the streets.”

It was not to be, but there were commiserations. “Sabine Lisicki while disappointed should feel proud of what she has achieved and that she has fought in the final stages of the match” said @KristinaElle. The new champion, meanwhile, was the focus for praise and due respect. “If anyone has watched Bartoli practice” said @danielprudkov “you know this lady deserves this win more than anyone. She works so hard.”

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Stuart Andrews